Contested Spaces: Dr. D and the Battle for Visibility in the City

Contested Surfaces: Dr. D and the Battle for Visibility in the City One of the main distinctions in modern western socio-political culture is the dichotomy between public space, associated with

WHERE ARE WE GOING? by Smart Urhiofe

Where Are We Going?   [A]gitation momentarily arrested by vision.[1] [T]he mass that carries off and mixes up in itself any identity of authors or spectators.[2] In Smart Urhiofe’s new

Notes on Flyposting and Porous Urban Space

NOTES ON FLYPOSTING AND POROUS URBAN SPACE With Special Attention To MUSTAFA HULUSI In her book Posters: A Global History professor Elizabeth E. Guffey (2015) writes: In this age of

Prof. Sara Selwood on Michael Peel’s ‘Modern World’

The following Sara Selwood text (now Prof.) is taken from Michael Peel’s MODERN WORLD series archive published by The Orchard Gallery (1988). It’s a pithy read that raises points germane

Geo-Politics of Rotting Flesh

At first sight Mustafa Hulusi’s first Pomegranate (2014) series appearing on hoardings around East London, struck a nostalgic note. To feel a clump of rotting fruit caught between heel and

A Lamentable Migration or Business As Usual

Blue Mushroom (2014) Christiaan Nagel Kingsland Road, N1 Sad to report there’s a species of urban mushroom that for me no longer qualifies as wild. Six years ago comically bright